Technology has made our life so comfortable, that you just think of what you are looking for. Open a browser, type in the requirement and hit enter key on the keyboard, there you go; numerous results will pop up in a flash. But the emotions, feelings and essence is something you cannot materialize. It is a realization that brings up your emotions, develop feelings and adds essence to life. I have never been so poetic and had out of the world feeling, until i realised how beautiful nature and its serenity can be.

Really want to call out a name here: “Uttrakhand

It means “A land in North“, but for me it is not just a land, it is a feeling, an emotion you want to develop and live with, Who would not like to sleep in calmness, wonder in heaven and glide in breeze? An out of the world place, the climate, the vegetation, the mountains, the water bodies, the forests, the meadows will all make you spellbound. Simply the words are not enough to describe the beauty of the place that can be felt and realised; only by being there.

Uttrakhand is also known by the name “Dev Bhoomi, i.e., ‘The Land Of Gods‘, spread over an area of 53483 Square Kilometres, 86% mountainous of which 65% is covered with forest. Two of the India’s great rivers Ganges and Yamuna spring out of here. The way sun emerges from the mountains, lacing whole flora with golden glow, the mist running through the trees, optical spectrum created by the sun rays piercing through the tiny droplets of water scattered over the tree leaves, will leave you mesmerized.

I can’t express how it feels, but it is a feeling of lifetime. I know life is beautiful, but to feel the beauty you need a platform and there is no other platform better than the one created by nature. Sometimes it is worth listening to heart and living the moments you have dreamt of. So why not give it a go and embrace nature’s serenity by just reserving few days for self and letting nature refresh your soul.

The language of nature is silent but the impact is loud and eternal, the only way to feel it; is to live in it.