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Udham Singh Nagar

In the vicinity of the spectular Kumon lies the district of UDHAM SINGH NAGAR which was a part of district NAINITAL before it gained the identity of a separate district in October 1995.Udham Singh Nagar is basically an industrial district and many industry related professions are prevalant here, it is perfect example of ‘Unity in Diversity’ for which India is so widely known, on the other hand different cultures, religions and life styles are blended in absolute harmony.

The fertile land lends itself to different forms of agriculture giving rise to agriculture related activities and industry making this land a green place which has resulted into prosperity all around.

A District Known For…

  • Gateway of Kumaon Hills
  • Swaying agriculture fields
  • Commercializing cities and town
  • Nature and Peace

What Is In And Around Udham Singh Nagar To Experience?

 Jaspur- It lies at the border of districts and offer views of nearby hills, snow covered Trishul peaks and Orchard.

Atariya Temple, Paanch Mandir-  This is Atariya temple located at 2 Km distance from Rudarpur Bus Station. Paanch Mandir is situated in centre of Rudrapur City.

Nanak Matta- It is an important Sikh pilgrim dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev.

Chaiti Devi,Moteshwar Mahadev Temple-  This temple is located at a distance of 2.5 kms from Kashipur bus stand and lies on the Kashipur-Bajpur route. Large fair is held during the sacred Navratras and flocks of devotees visit this shrine during the festival.

Drona Sagar- Drona Sagar is well known spots and is associated with the story of the Pandevas. Today Kashipur is an important industrial township.

Dam in UdhamSinghNagar-  A dam has been constructed on river Saryu at Nanak Matta forming Nanak Sagar which adds up to the beauty of Nanakmatta . The dams of Baur, Haripura, Nanakmatta,Dhaura,Tumaria,Baigul are present in the district which have made this land extremely fertile. Only Lohia Head on river Sharda in Khatima generates electricity.

Lake Paradise Rudrapur-  This is a green development at the center of Rudrapur near Kalyani river and is visited by many tourist through out the year.

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