Uttarakhand, the serenity and it’s homestays

Uttarakhand Homestays Serenity Travelogue

We are so inclined to modern life, that without advanced gadgets we feel a major part is missing from our life. Life without technology seems to be impossible. To share, As per 2011 census there are 104 million Tribal people living in without modern means of technology. My point is not to pinpoint/offend any tribe/community, but purely an attempt to highlight that the nature is immensely rich to touch your heart and soul. The tribes are living examples of that touch. Uttarakhand, a state made of 13 districts have 5 listed tribes. Tharu, Jannsari, Buksa, Bhotia and Rajis and Tharu is the largest of the five tribes of Uttaranchal.

One needs to give themselves a chance to wander in nature’s wilderness and its diversity by living in it. Tribes and communities truly reflect the warmth of a homestay and the meaning of home in it. Via my last post you must have realized, I am a sincere nature lover. I never leave a chance to get closer to nature and Uttarakhand leads my list. I am sharing a video stating “Dharti myara Uttarakhand ki” theme and you will love the feel.

Dharti, Myara Uttarakhand ki….

We all know that Uttarakhand has something to offer to every nature enthusiast. I strongly believe that reviving keeps you alive as how far can you go with a monotonous routine. I know the answer is not too far. We mostly compromise because we can’t run away from day to day responsibilities and commitments.

We have to make-up our minds and induce the planning. Since, we often leave things for the last moment, a 99 out of 100 times the planning ends up as next time plan. Honestly, I am not good at all in terms of planning, but still my love for nature makes my plans. I promise I will keep you updating on what all ‘Land of Gods’, Uttarakhand can offer you. Uttarakhand is truly blessed by nature and homestays in Uttarakhand has a lot more to explore. The stay at a soulful homestay amidst the scenic beauty, calm air, tranquil environment and above all in the company of local people is non-comparable.

I often reckon Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand as a relaxed land. The time moves slowly, and people don’t seem nearly as busy as in other states. You would see urban touch in many towns is still without exploiting nature. It feels the crafting has been carried out with the natures consent.

The beauty of nature is insurmountable. No way, a human can reach a level to match the beauty of a rain-forest. Our eyes can see it, the soul can feel it, but putting or writing such beauty in words is impossible especially

When you see a clear sky busted with white clouds

Deep down pebbles through glassy surface of a lake

Snow covered mountains, and

A lush green meadow scattered in acres

You call it majestic; name it breath-taking; feel its dazzling; the answer is serenity of soulful Uttarakhand.

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